Don’t get SAD…. get goggles

                                                                     CAPTION: Forget the beach … summer is over I don’t want to keep blogging about the same subjects BUT if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder now is the time you really should be upping your game. In the UK we’ve just had a golden summer that we’ll probably talk about for years toContinue reading “Don’t get SAD…. get goggles”

“Killer” balloons – the truth about living with latex allergy

  < CAPTION> Everyone loves balloons – but for latex allergy sufferers they can be deadly When Beth Redpath stepped out of her car outside her home she instantly felt the  familiar prickle of an allergic reaction  beginning in her throat.  ‘My breathing became tight and shallow and a red rash started to appear onContinue reading ““Killer” balloons – the truth about living with latex allergy”

Are you perimenopausal?

The classic signs of the menopause are well known; hot flushes, night sweats and irregular periods. But there are other symptoms in the preceding so-called perimenopausal years – that are not so well known and if you’re  a woman in your late forties (like me) you might want to know about them…. Palpitations, joint pain,Continue reading “Are you perimenopausal?”

Why we’ve all still got the winter blues

                                                 CAPTION:Wet weekends are dampening our spirits Winter 2012/2013 seems to be lingering well past its sell-by date  here in the UK.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of grey skies, freezing temperatures, chilly easterly winds and yet more rain (and snow!). The weather forecast for this week   is not exactly  puttingContinue reading “Why we’ve all still got the winter blues”

Are you taking too many pills?

CAPTION: My seventy-something parents – were they taking too many pills? I’ve been writing about the growing problem of polypharmacy – put simply that means taking multiple daily prescription pills for long-term chronic conditions. You can read the full article here in the Daily Mail’s Good Health section I got the idea for theContinue reading “Are you taking too many pills?”

Why gout is no laughing matter

CAPTION: Beer drinking is linked to gout – but it’s not the whole story This article is all about gout. Yes,that funny disease that causes an inflamed, painful, big toe – you know the one. It’s hilarious – you get it from overdoing the booze and eating too much rich food – so it’s allContinue reading “Why gout is no laughing matter”

You’ve been told you have IBS but could you have BAD ?

CAPTION: Always on the loo? Until a few weeks ago I’d never heard of bile acid diarrhoea (let’s call it BAD). Despite writing about all manner of tummy upsets for quite a while now – including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis to name but a few – I’d never come acrossContinue reading “You’ve been told you have IBS but could you have BAD ?”

Could a laser fat zapper trim 3.5 inches off your waist by New Year?

IMAGE: SHUTTERSTOCK I don’t write about beauty stories much – but recently I  received an invite to a press launch that intrigued me.   Would I like to witness a  “live demonstration”  of  the Zerona body contour laser? Er… maybe. Zerona is the latest fat-busting treatment to come out of the USA – non-invasive, painless, itContinue reading “Could a laser fat zapper trim 3.5 inches off your waist by New Year?”

Are you allergic to your chicken tikka?

Britain is a nation of takeaway lovers, and chicken tikka masala is now apparently more popular than roast beef. Until now spice allergies have been comparatively rare – accounting for just  two per cent of food allergies. But now US experts are predicting they could rise as more of us become exposed to spices –Continue reading “Are you allergic to your chicken tikka?”

5 minutes with Vinnie….

Five minutes – that’s how long I got on the phone  with  footballer-turned-film star VINNIE JONES the other week to talk about his new Staying Alive Heart Start Campaign for the British Heart Foundation.  Not long – but  long enough  though to catch his drift about the importance of learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques. AContinue reading “5 minutes with Vinnie….”

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