I’m Jo Waters and I’ve been writing about health, medicine and wellbeing in the UK national media for  more than 20 years.

This blog is aimed at  health and medicine news junkies like myself who love to read about all the  latest developments in the medical world but also like to hear about how illnesses and diseases impact on human beings too. I regularly interview top doctors and scientists – but value the input of patients who can describe what their medical condition is like to live with just as much.

If you’re interested in reading my published  articles you can find some online at www.journalisted.com/jowaters . If you want to contact  me about writing for your publication or you’ve got a story for me email me on jo_waters15@hotmail.com.

You can buy my new book’ What’s Up With Your Gut?‘ (Hammersmith Press) co-written with  gastroenterologist Professor Julian Walters from Imperial Healthcare  in London  by clicking here.

In June 2017 I was awarded the Journalist of the Year Award by the Health Food Manufacturers’ Association and am a former chair of the Guild of Health writers (2011 to 2013).

You can find out more about my work www.jowaters.co.uk and see more of my articles at jowaters.contently.com

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