What’s up with your health?

This is my blog for health and medical news enthusiasts like myself who can’t get enough of  all the fascinating developments in the medical world.

I’ve been writing about health, medicine, and wellbeing in the UK national media for more than 30 years, for both consumer and specialist medical audiences. I like to mull over what’s new and whether it matters or not and explain it in plain English, quoting the very best experts -but also the people who live with  medical conditions. I think you need both perspectives and that these days most patients are pretty well informed about their conditions – the internet has democratised medical knowledge, and that’s mainly a good thing. But not everything on the World Wide Web is helpful – indeed some of it can be downright dangerous, so it’s good to look at original sources of  stories and ask experts to give some perspective, and direct people to credible infomation from charities and support groups.

The best doctors (and there are so many who have helped me with stories), don’t wince when you say that you’ve been reading about a new drug or treatment – they’ll welcome your interest in your own health and the fact you’re taking some responsibility for it.

All views are my own and not those of any publication I write for.

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